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Our surf-coaching pathway consists of personalized surf instruction on the beach and in the water. The focus of our session is on water safety and learning the skill of surfing while getting wet and having fun.

We pride ourselves in offering a quality outdoor experience. 

Stoked surf school is happy for school staff to participate in the lesson, in fact we would love you to join in!

We offer both full day and half day options from $20 - $50 that cater for all ages and abilities. Please contact us for more information.

Cost: $47 - Duration: all day

Our Surf Smart for Schools is a 1 day course offered to students year’s 5 to 13 and highlights ocean water safety and includes a board rescue.

The board rescue is a real highlight for students and is not only great fun but an empowering skill to learn.


Session Components
●    Talk on dangers and risk management for the session.
●    Ocean awareness & water safety instruction on the beach 
●    Stretching and warm up 
●    The basic skill of surfing
●    Identifying the shore break
●    Paddling and sitting your board
●    Wave selection
●    Paddling for a wave
●    Popping up to your feet
●    Riding a wave either on your feet or in the prone position
●    Surf etiquette


Beach Rescue Education part of Surf Smart

Students spend 10 min with their instructor going over the rescue technique and identifying at risk people in the community and other dangers and hazards that relate to the New Zealand ocean water environment.

●    Dangers that can occur when performing a rescue.
●    How to help someone in trouble.
●    Practical session where in partners students perform a rescue.

All activities will be conducted on a 1 leader / surf instructor to max 8 participant’s ratio and all participants must wear the branded rash vest that is provided for them for identification purposes.

Session Goals

●    Give students an overview on New Zealand ocean water safety.
●    Basic ocean rescue technique.
●    Surf skills like paddling, catching a wave, standing up, riding a wave to the beach.
●    Having fun and building confidence


Stoked Surf School Sumner offer the following equipment that the students will need on the day

●    Soft top surfboards.
●    Warm Wetsuits.
●    Sun block
●    BBQ available F O C.


As we are a surfing New Zealand affiliated surf school we can provide you with the following documents:

Ram’s and EAP’s for the beaches listed below. 

Although based in Sumner at Scarborough Beach we can offer a mobile service to any location listed below. This can save valuable travel time and cost for the school if we can come closer to you.