Adult Surf Lessons


Surfing is a great way to meet people, excellent for fitness and wellbeing and Stoked highly recommend becoming  part of the surfing tribe.

Stoked surf school offer corporate and team building surf sessions, adult group lessons, ladies only surf groups and much more ...

Ladies surf Lessons

Stoked surf school specialise in getting girls in the water.
Warm comfortable wetsuits and we will choose the perfect board to help you on your way to a positive surfing journey. Female coaches offering great  advice, guidance and support in all areas of surfing from surf technique to reading the waves and avoiding the crowds...

Pricing for 90 min lesson
 1 lesson $80
4 lesson package $260

Adult Group Lesson

Learn the skill of surfing with a group of other like minded people.


Lesson focus on learning the skill of surfing, plus valuable ocean water safety info, reading the waves, surf etiquette and managing yourself in the crowd. Then all you have to do is practice the skills we have taught you!

We have a fleet of excellent soft top boards and warm steamer wetsuits which is all part of the package.

Pricing for a 90 min lesson
1 lesson $80

4 lesson package $260