Meet The Stoked Team


Ella has been part of the Stoked team since day one.
She is a great surf coach working overseas in our NZ off season. Ella loves the World Surf Tour and you won't meet another chick who is a bigger fan! Specializing in ingenious beach and surf games
Ella is Adored by teenagers and kids.

You will be pretty lucky to get Ella as your coach. ( Ella in red tee in photo surrounded by Pro surfer girls).


Sarah is an ex New Zealand fire Fighter and Taylors Mistake Clubbie.
She has so much energy to give and is highly skilled in first aid and ocean water safety protocols. Her safety conscious attitude keeps us all on our toes making sure we are running the safest surf lessons in Christchurch. Sarah rocks!


One of our most experienced members of the team Kath is a designer by trade and is awesome at teaching little kids surfing as she has the patience of a saint!

Kath is a gold medal winning Surf Life saving paddle racer and rides her longboard with style and grace.

Kath's love for surfing and gentle nature make her the perfect coach for our surf school. We love you Kath!


Mik or Mickey Dee has the kindest soul you will ever come across in a surf teacher making her Stoked surf schools “ soul surfer”.

Mik loves teaching all ages and abilities and is always smiling and laughing throughout her lessons. Not only is she an amazing teacher, she rips on her “ in the pink” longboard.

When she not in the water she is managing the stoked surf store in Sumner giving great customer service to everyone who comes in the door.


Hayley is one of the newest member's of the stoked surf school team.
She is a professional coach in many other sports and brings a wealth of teaching knowledge to our surf lessons.

A hard core surfer, Hayley learnt to surf in winter !

She is a founding member for the not for profit society " Stoked foundation" organizing schools and teaching kids surfing that wouldn't normally have the opportunity.

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Nolan is a level 2 coach and president of the Canterbury Scholastics surf team . What he is lacking in hat style he makes up for in bucket loads of enthusiasm. He just loves teaching surfing and watching as his students grow and become better surfers

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A local student from Sumner, Simon is one of our newest members.
He surfs a bit competitively but you will mostly see him out at Taylor's ripping with his mates. He has a natural ability as a teacher and we can't wait to have some great sessions with Simon this season. The mini grom's think Si is the man!


Alessia loves the surf school so much that she works part time for us “ just for fun” in between being an international woman of mystery.
She may be small but is probably one of the most experienced surf coaches we have on the team. She loves surfing and her contagious sense of humour and positivity is great during a surf lesson.


Originally a nurse, Kirsty has an infectious positive attitude that you just can’t help but love. A local mother of 3 Kirsty is a fantastic surf school supervisor and master of multi tasking and wetsuit fitting. She brings a wealth of personal experience to any lesson she teaches.


Estella is part of the Stoked surf school family and runs the surf skate side of our program. A New Zealand surf team member Estella rips on a surfboard and on tarmac. She is a valuable part of what we do at Stoked which is helping kids build confidence.